Redefining Time Management

What is time management? According to Pam, the first step to truly understanding time management is to accept that no one can control time because time is constant, it cannot be manipulated or changed. What you can control is your attention in what Pam refers to as "focus management." By making good decisions about how you allocate your attention you are able to control how you spend the minutes that you do have, therefore ensuring productivity even on what some would refer to as a tight schedule. Therefore, when someone asks Pam "what is time management," she begins by first explaining what it is not.

Pam's Time Management Articles Explain How to Live With Time

Pam builds upon the notion that "time management" is in fact a myth through various time management articles and presentations. She also strives to illustrate how personality types affect a person's perception of time and influence their decision-making process.

In her article, Nine Ways to Live With Time, Pam said she once encouraged others to clear off their desks at the end of their work day and to make to-do lists. However, after a while she realized that while these practices provided a quick fix, they were not a long term solution to the problem. She began to focus her efforts on the "Why's" behind the problem. Why did some people continue to procrastinate? Why were some people perpetually disorganized? Thus began Pam's study of how personality type influences a person's decisions and behavior. Years later, Pam has had many of her time management articles on personality type published in nationally recognized magazines and newsletters.

Time Management Presentations that Inspire and Challenge

Pam has been delivering time management presentations to a nationwide audience since the late 1970's and continues to adapt and evolve her presentations to the ever evolving demands of the workplace. Her programs today include a broad range of time management presentations with a specialized focus on important topics such as customer service, how to say "No" effectively, and email management. Pam customizes each of her presentations to the needs of her audience, dedicating much time to understanding her client's needs before delivering her presentation. While other professional speakers have been delivering the same "canned" speeches for many years, Pam Vaccaro has been constantly evolving her programs and looking for unique ways to deliver powerful messages that will help each of her clients meet and exceed their goals.