A Time Management Seminar Focused on Desk Organization

In Pam's time management seminar on desk organization, she teaches her audience how to organize office space in meaningful and productive ways. Topics covered include how to work towards a "paperless office" by keeping paper piles to a minimum, how to plan versus how to schedule, and most importantly, how to juggle all the pressures of the office at once. Organizations and workgroups who have enjoyed this time management seminar return to the office with a list of winning organizational tips that have an immediate impact on their ability to effectively organize their workspace into an environment that demands action and productivity.

Below is a list of 11 Steps taken from Pam's article Taming Your Desk. This article, along with several other articles by Pam, has been published in many nationally recognized magazines and newsletters.

Desk Organization in 11 Steps:

  • Lose your in-basket
  • Develop a priority tray close at hand
  • Keep up with a "tickler" file
  • Sort and hand out material efficiently
  • Keep current project files nearby
  • Catalog your files
  • Lessen your reference materials
  • Get rid of sticky notes
  • Prioritize your reading materials
  • Reject being a "pack rat" Utilize your new system while planning

How to Organize Office Space in 24 hours

Many people feel overwhelmed just walking into their office in the morning. Upon arrival they take a look at the piles of paper, Post-It notes, and clutter strewn across their desk and instantly feel unproductive because they can't even decide where to begin. Next they sigh and head for the nearest coffee machine, hoping the answer will somehow stare back at them through their morning dose of caffeine. They head back to their desk and decide to start eliminating one pile, only to realize they are creating another in the process. They are caught in a vicious cycle that they can't seem to find their way out of, and they are losing hours of productivity each day in trying to figure it out.

Pam has helped many people break out of this cycle in just 24 hours through her time management presentations and training. She teaches her audiences how to organize office space in a way that supports their priorities and how to simplify their life by managing their focus, not their time. If you find that your company could benefit from organizational makeover, contact Pam so she can customize a program that fits your business needs.