Maximize Productivity by Investing in Time Management Activities

If you're serious about finding a healthy work-life balance, taking time to incorporate personal values and goals into your time management activities is the first step. As a well-respected time management expert, Pam Vaccaro can show you how to identify and focus on the activities that will give you the greatest returns in terms of job satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency for customer service and other key areas that impact your bottom line. Investing in these time management activities is a vital step on the way to finding that elusive work-life balance you've been searching for.

Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

In her award-winning presentations focused on life enrichment and achieving work-life balance, Pam Vaccaro challenges what she calls,"The great myth of work-life balance." The reality of life in the 21st century is that we spend more time doing work than anything else. Despite this, Pam firmly believes that the practice of sound time management activities can put work-life balance within reach.

Wondering How to Organize your Office to Increase Efficiency?

Pam can help! Nine Steps to a More Organized Workspace is a time management seminar that will show you how to organize your office to maximize productivity and efficiency. In this innovative workshop, Pam takes you through her step-by-step process on how to organize your office into a workspace that says "action."

Best of all, you'll be able to transfer Pam's step by step process on how to organize your office and simplify your life to your co-workers, improving your entire team's ability to effectively organize the workspace environment.

What do Learning Styles and Personality have to do with Time Management?

Think learning styles and personality have nothing to do with time management? Not so fast! Years of experience have led Pam to conclude that learning styles and personality have everything to do with individual time management styles - which, in turn, has everything to do with productivity.

For more than a decade, Pam has been teaching professionals across the country how to identify and capitalize on the concept of time management personality types through her ground-breaking program, Nine Steps to a More Organized Workspace.

Based on the Enneagram personality model, Pam contends that learning styles and personality affect the way that each of the nine Enneagram personality styles view "time well spent." So, what some personality styles would view as a waste of time, other personality styles might treasure and vice versa. Knowing how to effectively manage the contrasting personality styles at play in your workspace translates to less headache for you, and increased productivity for your team.

Whatever your time management needs, Pam has a program that can be customized to meet your goals. Contact Pam today for more information.