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Our free facebook ticket shop offers you a premier platform to sell tickets online

At Skiddle we're here to help and we aim to make selling tickets online as easy as possible for our promoters. Our Facebook ticket shop helps turn your Facebook Fan page into a fully featured, branded ticket shop. Take a look below to find out how this fantastic new app can boost your ticket sales by 20%

Powered by your Skiddle listings - no extra work required!

Add event and ticket information into skiddle and it will appear on both our site and your ticket shop simultaniously, unlike other ticket shops, there's no need to re-enter your information for your facebook ticketshop!

Your full event information is shown, including artist profiles and venue location. Any changes you make to event info or ticket allocations are updated in real time! Plus, your sales are combined with Skiddle sales to avoid duplicate collection lists.

Event overview

Artists & Venue


Custom branding

We allow you to upload your own branded banner, which gives your customers assurance that they are buying from you, rather than a generic, unfamiliar shop.


RSVP and timeline integration

The first fully timeline integrated ticket shop. When customers buy tickets, this is virally spread onto their Facebook news feed and Timeline profile to increase event exposure by around 364x.

By linking your Skiddle and Facebook events, we'll populate your RSVP list when customers buy tickets.

Timeline intergration

Event RSVP's


Secure Payment Process

Fully secure - fraud checking including 3d secure

All transactions pass through 3D Secure and fraud screening, giving you maximum protection against fraud and chargebacks.

All shops are fully secured with the highest level of SSL encryption which also increases your customer's confidence in buying tickets.


Boost your ticket sales by 20% & increase visibility of your event by around 364x

Install the ticket shop to your Fan Page and expect a 20% boost in ticket sales, and a huge boost in the exposure of your event

Ready to install your free facebook ticket shop?

You can be up and running in just a few minutes. First you will need to add the app to your Facebook page.

Install the facebook app

If you don't yet have a promoter account for skiddle you will need to register which is completely free, there is no subscription or contract.


If you would like to read more information about the Facebook Ticket Shop, please download our guide, or view the ticket shop in action. You can always give us a call too, 03333 01 01 01