A Professional Keynote Speaker Who Challenges Your Perception of Time

Pam Vaccaro is a nationally recognized professional keynote speaker, trainer, and productivity coach, who challenges the traditional perception of "time management" in the workplace. Pam urges organizations to reevaluate their approach to managing time and helps them come to terms with technological changes that have influenced the workplace and its ability to stay on task. As a professional keynote speaker for leading companies such as Anheuser-Busch, Marriott hotels, and Commerce Bank, Pam has had vast experience in motivational speaking and training. Pam is an enthusiastic, devoted and extremely passionate time management expert who can help any organization become more efficient through improved organizational skills and an emphasis on managing focus; not trying to manage time.

A Recognized Professional Motivational Speaker

Pam is a member of the National Speaker's Association and has received many honors, including the Certified Professional Speaker award. She is one of only 122 women to be recognized in the global speaking community and maintains membership in the National Association of Professional Organizers and the World Future Society. Through many years of experience as a professional motivational speaker, Pam has developed several programs to aid individuals and corporations in improving their time management structures.

Because she delivers compelling presentations that result in actionable items for organizations of all sizes, Pam is in high demand as a professional motivational speaker and as a productivity coach. Pam works with a diverse set of organizations and creates customized training programs for each; ensuring maximum effectiveness and maximum results for every workgroup that she engages. She can help your team enhance their performance in meeting facilitation, leadership, email and desk management and other select topics by request.