Pam's Resources

For over twenty years Pam has been developing new ideas about managing time and keeping organized. Her research has lead to fresh insights about productivity, including the impact of personality on managing time and her newest proposition she calls Focus Deficit DisorderSM - the inability to focus for any length of time before someone or something requests your focus of attention. Focus management is more controllable than time management.

Pam is quick to pass her knowledge and insights on to her clients through her customized programs and articles. Since she believes that "time management" is no longer a solo event because of the impact technology has had on our time and attention, she encourages you to reprint her approved articles for your company, colleagues, newsletters or blogs.

Productivity, Time & Focus Management

These topics form the core of Pam's work. The resources in this section feature lots of practical tips on managing multiple priorities, countless distractions, e-mails, virtual/physical desks while still achieving balance.

Life Enrichment & Balance

Technology can push you to the tipping point on how many hours you can work each week. These resources give you a realistic and enjoyable perspective on how to focus your attention on a satisfying life in all your core areas of interest.


The ability to organize increases efficiency. Efficiency supports effectiveness and the combination of the two increases productivity and reduces stress. Find out how to get your workspace to work for you with resources for practical applications for both your actual and electronic workspaces.

1904 World's Fair

This special interest topic is based on Pam's award-winning book. Its creation is a testament to something she proposes in her primary work on time and attention management-that if you do what you love, you can have the time of your life and get your work done too!


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