Improve Organization Time Management Skills

Strong Organization. Time Management Skills. Whether you're a one-man show or a multi-national corporation, you can't get by in business without the mastery of these two very important skill-sets. Award-winning corporate speaker and time management expert, Pam Vaccaro has spent decades helping businesses and individuals increase job satisfaction and productivity through practical workshops focused on managing attention, understanding the impact of diverse personality types in the workplace, and improving organization time management skills. Whether you need help managing email, managing focus or even a few simple tips for desk organization, Pam Vaccaro has seminar on time management related skills that can meet the needs of your organization - whatever its size.

Managing Email Overload

The speed and convenience of email has led to its ascension as one of the primary mediums of business communication in the 21st century. Consequently, email inboxes have become clogged with messages that all seem to demand immediate attention. So what do you do when managing email becomes a near impossible task? In her popular seminar on managing email, Beyond Email Etiquette: Creating a Productive Email Culture, Pam Vaccaro shows participants how to put traditional organization time management skills to use to cure the email malaise in your organization.

Let Pam show you how to design a productive email culture through her highly effective EOM technique that helps you cut through the clutter and puts you back in the time management driver's seat. Contact Pam today to get started on the road to improving your overall organization time management skills.