A Motivational Keynote Speaker that Delivers

Pam Vaccaro is a nationally recognized motivational keynote speaker that delivers. Satisfied clients consistently report seeing a noticeable boost in workplace morale and productivity as a result of Pam's seminars. With a wide-range of programs available, Pam can provide everything from meeting facilitation training to a focused leadership training seminar that is guaranteed to help employers create a highly effective workplace culture.

A Recognized Professional Corporate Speaker

Pam is a highly sought after and well-respected professional corporate speaker. One of only 177 women in the professional corporate speaking world to have earned the National Speakers Associations' highest designation for Certified Speaking Professionals, Pam has made a name for herself as a motivational keynote speaker whose award-winning presentations have transformed the traditional perception of "time management" in the workplace.

Not your everyday motivational keynote speaker, Pam goes to great lengths to customize all of her programs to ensure that every client's unique set of objectives are met or exceeded. So strong is her commitment to providing real results for her clients, if she feels she's not a good fit for your needs, Pam will gladly recommend another professional keynote speaker who is.

Effective Meeting Facilitation Training

Webster defines facilitation as increased ease of performance of any action. Simply put, facilitation is helping a group accomplish its goals. It makes sense then, that Pam Vaccaro is the corporate speaker that organizations turn to for effective meeting facilitation training.

The basic tenets of effective meeting management ensure that all involved are engaged and that the meeting starts and ends on time. As an expert in meeting facilitation training, Pam builds on these basic ideals and shows organizations how to improve meeting facilitation skills company-wide through one of her most popular training workshops, How to Have a Meeting Everyone Wants to Attend.

A Leadership Training Seminar that Works

There are a lot of motivational keynote speakers out there who offer leadership training seminars, so what makes Pam's leadership training seminar stand out from the rest? The Focused Leader: Practical Skills and Visionary Tactics is a leadership training seminar that leaves participants with a laundry list of effective and efficient strategies for the development of leadership skills. Using good focus management techniques as a foundation, Pam teaches team leaders how to create an HLE (Highest Level of Effectiveness) culture among co-workers, and model the kind of habits and behaviors that they'd like to cultivate in their employees.