Gain Knowledge Through Meeting Facilitation Training

Do meetings at your company end with the frustrating conclusion that "we need to schedule another meeting?" Do you often feel that company meetings are unproductive and lack structure? Do you drain the coffee pot before heading out to a meeting because you associate the word "meeting" with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? These complaints are very common in today's workplace, for companies of all sizes, in all industries.

Professional corporate speaker, Pam Vaccaro, has the remedy for corporate meeting woes and delivers it through her presentation: How to Have a Meeting Everyone Wants to Attend. Through this meeting facilitation training you can learn simple ways to engage your audience and put your agenda into action. Let Pam teach you team how to decrease the time wasted in unproductive work gatherings by making each minute actionable. In Pam's meeting facilitation training she will introduce your team to a 12 step approach to facilitating meetings that are fun, productive, and most importantly, end with a list of actionable items and decisions.

Effective Meeting Management is the key to Success

Contrary to popular office ideology, effective meeting management not only possible, but it's actually easier to achieve than most people think. Pam's articles offer some valuable tricks from the pros such as how to respect everyone's time by asking colleagues for agenda items in advance, clearly stating objectives, and putting a time limit on topics up for discussion. Pam incorporates many of the points from her article into her seminar: How to have a Meeting Everyone Wants to Attend. According to Pam, the 3 keys to meeting success are structure, energy and purpose. If you focus on these three guiding principles when planning and facilitating meetings, your goal of effective meeting management will be accomplished.

Some Important Meeting Management Steps

Below are some meeting management steps that Pam considers critical to creating and facilitating effective meetings. For more tips, view Pam's article on Meetings Everyone Wants to Attend:

  • List four or five objectives at the beginning of the agenda that clearly state what the meeting should accomplish. Measure your success by evaluating whether or not these objectives were met.
  • Don't accept additional agenda items during the meeting unless they're critical.
  • Put a time limit on each item to be discussed. It helps keep participants focused.
  • Assign responsibility for action items and ask for a follow-up report.
  • Celebrate when your team has accomplished a major objective.

By following these meeting management steps, your company meetings will run effectively, and more importantly, on time.