The Power of Living the Simple Life

Do you feel like your life happened to you, or are you living the life you're living because you've chosen it? For nearly a decade, Pam Vaccaro has been challenging today's busy workers to face the reality of their answer to this question. As she's traveled across the country espousing the benefits of living the simple life, Pam has made believers out of skeptical workers nationwide who thought that living the simple life was only possible if you were willing to make career sacrifices.

Let one of Pam's programs on life enrichment and achieving worklife balance show you how living the simple life affords you the freedom and power to make decisions and focus on the things that truly matter. Pam's presentations show how a focus on simple living not only makes it possible to achieve a satisfying worklife balance, but also frees up the time and resources necessary to be able to make conscious choices about what you want from life.

The Great Myth of "Worklife Balance"

In her programs focused on helping participants enrich life and create a satisfying life balance, Pam Vaccaro challenges what she calls,"The great myth of worklife balance." A simple reality of living in the 21st century is that we devote more time to working than anything else. But, Pam firmly believes that with real effort and simple planning, worklife balance is attainable. Her many years of experience have led Pam to believe that the key to that elusive worklife balance has everything to do with managing focus rather than managing time.

Managing Focus vs. Managing Time

According to Pam, time management doesn't really exist. The real key to worklife balance and increased productivity is managing focus. In her seminar, It Was Never About Time Management Anyway, Pam proposes that the technology revolution has caused a widespread outbreak of "Focus Deficit Disorder." In this program, Pam shows participants simple strategies for shifting focus from managing time to managing attention. Contact Pam today to learn more about how managing focus can lead to increased job satisfaction and productivity, as well as a satisfying worklife balance.