Linking Job Satisfaction and Productivity

Pam Vaccaro has been in the business long enough to know that there is a strong relationship between job satisfaction and productivity - so much so in fact, that some studies show that employees consider job satisfaction even more important than salary!

Results from numerous studies have demonstrated how integral the link between job satisfaction and productivity really is in determining a company's overall profits. General findings indicate that paying attention to job satisfaction rates leads to increased morale, which leads to increased productivity, and on to increased profit - so it's no coincidence then that over 40 percent of companies listed in the top 100 of Fortune magazine's "America's Best Companies to Work For" also appear on the Fortune 500.

So how can you increase job satisfaction among your employees? Through her many seminars on productivity and priority management, Pam Vaccaro can help employers understand and identify the barriers to productivity in the workplace, and demonstrate effective strategies for increasing job satisfaction and morale in order to break through the roadblocks to higher productivity and profit.

The Relationship between Attention Management and Productivity

One of the first tips you're likely to get from Pam on how to increase productivity is to stop focusing on time management as if time is something any of us can control. The real key to increased productivity and maintaining work-life balance is to fully understand the relationship between attention management and productivity.

Pam believes that the technology revolution has caused a widespread outbreak of "Focus Deficit Disorder" - the deficiency we feel from having too many demands on our attention. In one of her most popular programs, It Was Never About Time Management Anyway!, Pam helps participants to fully understand the important relationship between attention management and productivity through several simple strategies that shift focus from time management to attention management where it belongs.

Don't waste another dollar on planners that your employees aren't paying any attention to. Contact Pam today to learn how to increase productivity through her unique strategies for boosting job satisfaction and attention management.