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Pam's passion for speaking and time management began in the 1980's. She launched her company, Designs on Time, in 1991 and has been sharing her solutions for the changing situation of managing time and organization to hundreds of clients from varied industries ever since! Her expertise is solid and her interest in assisting your group is authentic.


It‘s not easy to breathe life into a worn out topic like time management. Pam Vaccaro is the presenter meeting professionals count on to bring an up-to-date and exceptionally useful message about managing time and organization. Her continuous commitment to research and development gives her audiences insights and highly practical information concurrent with the changing face of productivity. Long story short: you won't be bored.

Engaging and Witty

Audiences aren't expecting an expert who speaks on time management to be much fun. You will enjoy Pam's wit and easy style. Her passion for keeping you engaged in learning and enjoying the process will continue throughout her program. You won't be disappointed if you expect your audiences to say, "I could have listened to Pam all day."


Pam not only inspires and motivates her audiences, she also sends them away with a list of practical tips that they can start implementing the minute they walk out the door. Many of Pam's ideas are considered visionary, but her bias towards useful application keeps clients coming back for more.


Be it an hour on the platform, a half-day in the break-out room or a full-day in the training center, Pam's programs are in high demand because of her sensible, contrarian approach to traditional time management techniques.

Pam believes that there is no such thing as "time management," but rather, that most of us are suffering from a condition she calls Focus Deficit DisorderSM. Pam will show you and your colleagues the why and how of managing their focus of attention, rather than their time.


Known by her many client-advocates as a speaker who focuses on customer satisfaction, Pam's pre-platform preparation is as intense as her presence on the stage or in the training room. Pam's tailoring process is a testament to her belief that every client should be respected for their unique set of needs.

Certified Professional Speaker and Author

Pam Vaccaro is a seasoned speaker, trainer, author and consultant. Her award-winning presentations have been heard by audiences across North America and Mexico. Pam has earned distinction among her colleagues as one of only 177 women in the international speaking community to earn the National Speakers Association's highest designation for Certified Speaking Professionals, the CSP.

Check out Pam's book, Beyond the Ice Cream Cone: the Whole Scoop on Food at the 1904 World's Fair. The unexpected success of her book is Pam's personal testament to her belief that anyone can "Have the Time of their Life and Get Their Work Done Too!"

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