Participant Survey

Thank you for responding to this survey.  Responses will be used to customize a possible time management program for your group.

1. What is your best priority management asset?
2. What are your biggest sources of interruptions?
3. What are two things you would most want to learn from a time management presentation?
4. What would you rather not hear at a time management seminar? e.g. "Handle a piece of paper once."
5. Assuming that ineffective communication can be an obstacle to good time management,what two areas of communication would you like to see addressed at the seminar?
6. Email is now considered the number one loss of productivity in the workplace. If email is a concern for you, what issues would you like to see addressed at the seminar?
7. Please rank your top five choices you would like to see developed in-depth at a time management presentation.
Goal setting (personal and professional)
Procrastination (causes and interventions)
Meetings (how to have meetings everyone likes to attend!)
E-mail (how to send and receive more effective e-mails)
Desk management (effective and efficient desk-management tips)
Setting priorities (developing new methods for setting priorities)
Managing interruptions (protecting your priorities once they are set)
Communicating priorities (how to communicate priorities)
Personal/professional balance (getting things done and having a life!)