The Enneagram: Nine Ways of Placing Our Focus of Attention

On her path to using the Enneagram for her spiritual development, Pam Vaccaro became aware of the Enneagram's profound insight and creative/practical application to her 20-year work in time management. She is a certified Enneagram teacher and has given hundreds of presentations on Personality-Based Time Management Styles using the Enneagram. Pam was a pioneer in bringing the Enneagram personality theory to its practical application in the business community during the early 1990's.

Unlike Managing Your Time with Style, this program delves much deeper into the Enneagram's influence on how we place our attention in all areas of our lives-not just managing time and keeping organized. It is the Enneagram that led Pam to create some of her theories about FDD-Focus Deficit Disorder. This is a term she coined when hearing so many people saying they felt like they had "ADD."

In this interactive presentation, participants explore the nine types' orientation towards time, communication, leisure, conflict and even fashion sense. With the Enneagram's rich insights into motivation and behavior, it becomes a useful tool in developing a more wholesome and effective approach to managing personal balance and satisfaction with life.

Pam became a certified Enneagram instructor in 1995, feeling strongly that without certification, bringing the complexity of the Enneagram to general audiences was in danger of making it nothing more than a "parlor game" with little take-home for participants.

Participants of The Enneagram learn to:

  • Employ key interventions for each personality types' behaviors to increase productivity and quality of life
  • Apply key concepts for working with other Enneagram types at work and home
  • Understand the relationship between the Enneagram and their place in a distracted society
  • Recognize the behaviors and viewpoints of each personality type and how they relate to the management of attention, focus, communication, stress and loss of productivity