The Coaching Process

Before we decide to work together

We have a no-cost, no-obligation conversation via phone to determine your needs and whether or not I think my program will be the right fit.

Pre-on-site visit preparation

I send you a comprehensive proposal noting your objectives and my plan of action. The cost for this proposal is $50. This cost is eliminated if you choose to accept the project. It will be included in the cost of the coaching package, which accounts for lodging and travel if necessary.

Before ever coming on-site, I will begin the customizing process by having you do four pieces of "homework:"

  • Keep a list of your issues, distractions, tasks you procrastinate on and stress points for managing time and keeping organized. You keep this list for one week.
  • Complete a short survey to identify your personal tendencies toward managing time.
  • Discuss your response to questions about Focus Deficit DisorderSM.
  • Send a picture (jpeg) of your desk/workspace (no doctoring the photo) to Pam, noting the problem areas.

Once these steps have been completed, I design a "course curriculum" for our on-site visit. I do not believe it is in your best interest to begin coaching when I get there. We should be ready to implement from the start of our 2 half-day sessions.

Finally, we arrange for an on-site visit!

On-site work session

Although your coaching process will be determined by your objectives, you can expect the following activities as those that have proven successful in the past for other clients. We will:

  • Implement my nine-step desk management process. I will ask you to put everything on your desk, credenza or workspace on the floor before I come. Do not empty drawers.
  • Reconstruct your desk space using your new skills. You will receive a ‘tickler file.'
  • Learn the main tenets of exceptional priority and attention management and then take your list of concerns and determine how you can resolve these using your newly learned skills. I will show you how to make the 20% theory an integral part of your thinking and decision-making process. This is the heart of the coaching process.
  • Discuss your game-plan for dealing with procrastination, e-mail, distractions, delegation and communication, planning and achieving greater work-life balance.
  • Implement the strategies for your particular Personality-Based Time Management Style (PBTMS). See Enneagram.
  • Take recess and lunch. This is hard work even though I create a relaxing and enjoyable learning atmosphere.
  • Have a document outlining what you agreed to do for yourself-your action plan as we tweaked it during our coaching time together. You will also receive Pam's cd of her 15 favorite tips.


Follow-up sessions

  • You will have unlimited e-mail time with me for one month to discuss any glitches or concerns. This starts after our on-site visit.
  • We will set up two 20 minute phone conversations during that month to discuss "what's working-what's not."
  • You will periodically get my "Tips" sent to you at your e-mail address. They are generally accessed through my website.
  • I will request a letter of reference if you are fully satisfied with our work together.

No purchase necessary. Other than the coaching fee, I do not ask you to purchase any additional products in order to make your new system work for you. We make do with what you have already. If I suggest any organizing tools, it will be purely optional.




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