Quality Guarantee

Like any company that stands behind its product, I run a quality control check before your program leaves my office. From our first conversation until your final nod of approval during our follow-up conversation, I use these criterion to ensure that my program meets your expectations:

  • I've reviewed our initial conversation to be sure I understand your goals
  • I've kept current on my topic as it applies to your program objectives
  • I've researched your company or association using your input and website
  • With permission, I've interviewed some of your staff or participants in order to "walk in their shoes"
  • I've created an engaging PowerPoint presentation, not pages from a handout
  • I've created content that is informative, practical and on the mark
  • I can connect with my audience because I've done my ‘homework" and know the program is all about them.

If these criterion aren't met, then it is "back to the drawing board."

Please see my Code of Professional Standards to understand my approach to our partnership more fully.


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