How to Get Organized and Stay Organized: A Practical Approach to Freedom from Clutter

As a charter member of the National Association of Professional Organizers in the early 1990's, Pam and a small group of others began to profess the importance of organization in our lives.

Societal trends to increase the accumulation of "stuff" and the ease of doing so through TV and the Internet, demanded a tough look at how to control our living and working spaces from clutter.

In this program, Pam will help participants determine an organizational philosophy that fits their values, and then outline seven strategies to apply this philosphy to their lives. Learn how to approach a room full of clutter in your home or office, how to determine what to keep, what to pitch and how to look around your life and see only those things that bring you a sense of satisfaction and completion.

Suzi Orman says in Courage to be Rich that to be wealthy you have to de-clutter you life and make room for whatever you describe as "wealth" for you. Learn practical techniques to do this in Pam's popular program on getting organized.

Participants of How to Get Organized and Keep Organized learn to:

  • Experience less stress and fewer distractions through the reduction or elimination of clutter
  • Define "clutter"
  • Implement seven or more ways to approach and eliminate clutter
  • Develop criteria for introducing new items into their work and personal lives
  • Place a greater emphasis on what is most important in their lives