Challenging the Myth of Work-Life Balance

Pam Vaccaro has challenged a lot of myths in her career as a time management expert. She shed light on ideas like "handle a piece of paper only once," and "close your door to avoid interruptions" years ago when the internet was knocking down walls all around your workspace.

Just like the fallacious idea that you can manage your time, work-life balance can be equally elusive. The term balance itself suggests equal measures of at least two elements . But in a balanced meal, for instance, it is less about quantity-equal amounts from each food group-as it is about quality. This rings true for work-life balance as well. Ultimately, it's all about striking a new kind of balance and reducing the distractions.

In this program, Pam challenges you to re-think the idea of "work" and suggests practical strategies to reduce stress in the workplace and enjoy your co-workers more. Pam focuses on the concept of 80/20 in your personal life- a theory that she believes should be present in your every waking decision.

This is a highly practical program selecting from key concepts of some of Pam's other programs-The Forgotten Art of Setting Goals, It Was Never about Time Management Anyway, and How to Simplify Your Life and Time.

Participants of Challenging the Myth of Work-Life Balance learn to:

  • Identify the 6 to 10 drivers that determine your daily focus
  • Familiarize themselves with their chronobiological pattern in order to improve HLE-highest level of effectiveness
  • Determine the "stuff" in their lives that diminishes quality of life
  • Redefine and replace the concept of time management with a more realistic and manageable concept-focusing your attention.
  • Settle-in to a new definition of work-life balance with an emphasis on managing focus
And much more!

Should you find this program is not a perfect fit for your work-life balance needs, Pam recommends you consider the programs of her good friend and Mastermind colleague, Kathy Passanisi.