How to Lead Meetings Your Colleagues Won't Want to Miss

Where does your organization take minutes but lose hours? Meetings. The very mention of the word can be enough to induce Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In this program, Pam takes you through the steps necessary to rejuvenate your meetings, reduce the resulting losses in money and productivity and gain a reputation for running focused meetings that are resepectful of your colleague's time.

Let Pam show you that meetings can be fun, productive and less frequent with her innovative 12-step approach.

This version of How to Have a Meeting Everyone Wants to Attend has been specifically designed for leaders who want to improve the design, function and productivity of their meetings. Leaders will return to their staff with practical strategies for reducing wasted time in meetings and increasing focus and productivity among staff.

Participants of How to Lead Meetings Your Colleagues Won't Want to Miss learn to:

  • Apply the 80/20 rule when deciding and designing meeting agendas
  • Design a "code of conduct" all participants can agree on
  • Solicit participation in meetings and move agenda items to the next level of action
  • Avoid deliberate disruptions by attendees
  • Recognize and respond to different personality-types during a meeting
  • Record minutes that attendees actually read
  • Solicit agenda items before, during, and after a meeting
  • Practice seven quick tips for making meetings more interesting and fun
  • Practice techniques to keep attendees focused during a meeting