The Future of "Time Management"

Are you a bit curious about how you might be spending your time in the future-at work and at home? How can we know? Aside from Dooms-Day advocates and dire predictions from some mass media publications, we don't have a direct forecast. But, that doesn't mean we can't do what futurists have done for years-look at the past, observe the present and make significant educated guesses about our lives in the future.

Pam has been a future enthusiast for many years and a member of the World Future Society since the 1970's. Her passion for following futurist trends and demonstrating how they affect today's time, attention and productivity translates into practical applications for helping clients respond to the effects of the current technology trends and the predictions for the future. Her insights into FDD-Focus Deficit Disorder-are a direct result of her futurist interests.

This one will make you think a lot about your life and time. Entertaining, but with a serious message about how to adjust to change - which is always a guarantee. Pam talks seven trends for the near future and how to adapt accordingly with practical solutions for managing your time and attention.

Pam doesn't claim to be a futurist like Faith Popcorn, but she does promise to share valuable insights and applications that you can start using right now.