The Forgotten Art of Setting Goals: Focusing on What's Important

This is the seminar that Pam can hardly give away. Its lackluster appeal isn't attributable to second-rate content or a dull presentation, but from long-held notions about goal-setting like: "It takes too much time," "I've heard it all before," "Things will change anyway," or even "I might fail."

Many of us often find it difficult to keep our head above water with the overwhelming list of daily tasks that seem to be waiting for us every morning. Learning good goal setting puts you in the "stream of life" where you can live your dreams and develop a greater sense of personal and professional accomplishment. In this program, Pam presents a practical, insightful and time-saving approach to goal setting that will help you catch up with all those things you're going to do "one of these days."

Broaden your vision of traditional goal-setting and learn practical strategies that can be used on a daily basis in this program that will give you insight into how your personality works for and against you on the way to achieving more from life than you previously thought possible.

The content for this program can be focused on individual goal setting, or adapted to the goal setting process of an association or company.

Participants of The Forgotten Art of Setting Goals learn to:

  • Set goals using the SMARTER technique
  • Focus on the core values that drive the most important choices in their lives
  • Develop a game plan to take their goals to ACTION and completion
  • How to recover from a setback and decrease the likelihood of future delays
  • Find new approaches to accomplishing goals and how to celebrate success
  • Put goals in writing to keep them in focus throughout the week