Beyond E-mail Etiquette: When Nice is Not Enough

E-mail. At one time that word promised increased productivity, instant response, reduced wait-time, decreased paper and freedom from the drudgery of gabby voicemail messages. So why is e-mail now listed as the number one hindrance of productivity in the workplace? And, should you be concerned that some research has suggested nearly 40% of emails are misinterpreted?

The Emily Posts of e-mail have spoken, and most of us have now grasped the concept of minding our manners when it comes to email. But Pam still hears resounding groans from her audiences at the mere mention of the topic. Are you too experiencing weariness from too many cc's, inappropriate exclamation points, and long-winded rants filling your inbox every morning? This program promises to cure the malaise with just a few agreed-upon strategies for you and your colleagues to adopt.

In this new program, Pam proposes that e-mail can be made into an effective and efficient method for doing business. She shows you how to design an e-mail culture with understood guidelines for etiquette and productivity in the workplace. Come hear the strategy that's causing participants to say, "It has changed the number of things I can get done in a day…."I love EOM!"

This is a very powerful program aimed at producing specific results for teams and individuals.

Participants of Beyond E-mail Etiquette learn to:

  • Write e-mails that get read right away (without using high priority tags)
  • Develop a great e-mailing reputation
  • Create subject lines that improve efficiency
  • Apply eight efficiency approaches to e-mail routines
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time spent on e-mails each day
  • Recognize the best times of day to deal with e-mail
  • Effectively use the highly powerful (EOM) technique
  • Determine when to replace e-mail with other communication methods
  • Develop e-mail protocols beyond etiquette
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity