Q: How can we know if you're a fit for our program needs?

Call me. Talk with me. Tell me everything about what you have in mind for your group: your goals, needs, and desired outcomes. Let me ask you some guiding questions. Look at my program offerings and tell me which appeal to you. I am honor-bound to tell if I am a good fit. Read my Code of Professional Standards to see if I'm the kind of speaker you would like to work with.

I guarantee my work, so if I'm not a fit, I won't be successful and you will be getting your money back. However, there is no way I can return your loss of time, energy or even your reputation. If I'm not the speaker for you, I will tell you straight up and will recommend someone I think will do a good job for you.

Have I ever done that? Absolutely - and often to the surprise of the prospective client. It is the only way to do business. Once, however, a repeat client of mine would not take "no" for an answer. With a lot of discussion, brainstorming, creativity and digging deep into my experience-base, I could, with full confidence, design and deliver a new, full-day program for them. This is somewhat the exception rather than the rule.

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Q: Do you tailor your programs for your audiences?

Of course I'm going to say "Yes." We all tell you that because we know you don't want to hire someone who tells you they just do the same thing they did for every other group that week. If we are any good, we are going to customize our program for you and not disappoint you.

There are two ways I "tailor" or "customize"-one takes hard work during the preparation period and the other is a skill-either we speakers have it or we don't.

My Process:

  • The meeting planner or decision maker and I have an in-depth conversation about what will make a successful program.
  • I interview an agreed-upon number of participants so that I can "walk in their shoes." I do not want only those who are eager to attend professional development events, but also a couple of those colleagues who really don't want to be there.
  • I study your website, DVDs or any other materials you think will help me understand what you are all about.
  • If you like, I have a survey that your colleagues can fill out which gives everyone who participates a chance to give me input into what time management issues are foremost in their minds.
  • My PowerPoint will feature quotes from the interviewees, information from your website and any other appropriate information about your association or company as it relates to the learning points in my program.
  • I don't arrive at the last minute. I attend your events to learn anything I can about industry issues, jargon and the people attending the event.

My Skill Set:

I am an educator at heart. Educators read their audiences-not their notes and PowerPoint slides. I customize my material during the program by staying engaged with my audience and constantly connecting the content with the issues at hand.

All Those Testimonials Can't Be Wrong!

I think you will find the testimonials throughout this website confirm my promise to customize my programs for you.

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Q: Why would we want to work with you?

I'm a time management expert. I want to make it easy and time-efficient for you. I'm a businesswoman who'd rather speak than spend time marketing. I want you to be completely satisfied with my work. I want to "hit the home-run" you want for your colleagues. I want to make you look good.

I want you to feel relaxed and have a good time through the process. I want fun to be part of the experience-before, during and after the event.

Finding and hiring a speaker can be a nail-biting experience. Your reputation is on the line. I'm aware of that and will do everything I can to create a good working-relationship and a stellar event.

I have your best interest in mind and I guarantee my work. My Code of Professional Standards will tell you some additional aspects of working with me as your speaker.

I am also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), which is the highest earned designation a professional speaker can receive from the National Speakers Association. See more about this in About Pam.


Designs on Time programs have consistently been accepted for CEU/CME credits. My Central Contractor Registration was filed and accepted in 2008.

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Q: To what type and size audience do you speak?


They vary greatly as you can see from my client list. Everyone tells me their group is unique. Of course it is, and I take that into consideration when I design a program. However, the stress resulting from our current technology revolution is universal. It's hard for everyone to get everything done and maintain a sense of balance.

My audiences vary from Harvard University to the American Bull Dog Handlers Society. Like you, they too are wondering why they were so busy all day, but weren't sure they got anything done! We are all experiencing similar problems, just in different industries.


They range from 10-1500 generally. My in-house programs are typically 10-50. I'm not a good fit for your event if you are bringing in thousands. I like to feel some engagement with my audience. I'd rather have a tough small audience than an easy large audience. Engagement is a strong suit of mine.

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Q: How are you different from other speakers on time management?

I've not seen all of them. My best answer to this question comes from listening to my clients and audiences.

What I hear frequently and consistently is:

"I expected to hear the same old stuff and I didn't."

"I really like that you address attention and focus management."

"You are really creative."

"I love your sense of humor"

"You make time management fun."

"This was really practical."

"Thanks for not being too slick."

"You gave us something we can use."

"You REALLY did customize."

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Q: Do you add humor?

I don't think you can ADD humor. We learn best when we are having a good time and humor is part of that. My sense of humor is best characterized by my insights into the way things are in life and appropriate playfulness with my participants. Evaluations reflect an appreciation for the humor in my programs.

You will see in my Code of Professional Standards that all humor is appropriate and never at the expense of any person in or out of the room.

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Q: Can you do multiple venues? Can you do them at one event?

Yes, and yes! I encourage my clients to do this as a way to be more cost effective. I do keynotes, general sessions, break-outs, one-two hour programs, short programs and ½ day and full-day trainings.

Any combination that best fits your program needs is workable.

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Q: Do you give some kind of guarantee with your service?

If I do not deliver the product I promised, you get your money back. This is my ethical responsibility. My only request is that you inform me about your dissatisfaction so that I can avoid this type of breach in the future.

Of course, you are thinking, "Has she ever had to give money back?" Not yet. I will work very hard for you not to be the first.

My responsibility goes beyond my product. I can return your money, but I cannot return your lost time, energy, trust or reputation. I do everything to avoid this loss for you.

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Q: How much will a program cost our company/association?

Your program venue, length and type of design determine the cost of a program or combination of programs. There is one fee for all the services that go into tailoring your program. However, you do not pay for interview time or cost.

I encourage associations holding conferences to include more than one of my programs so that I can adjust my fees to give you even more value for your program dollars.

Clients absorb coach airfare, non-smoking lodging and ground transportation. Since I would be eating somewhere anyway, clients do not pick up the tab on this expense.

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Q: Are there ways you add value to your program services?

I like to think that you will find my tailored programs of exceptional quality and value. However, we all like a bargain and I am pleased to provide the following if appropriate:

  • Always look for cost-savings to you as stated in my Code of Professional Standards.
  • Provide articles for your online newsletters before the program as a promotion or after the program as reinforcement for the program content.
  • Provide attendance gifts.
  • Provide CDs, books and all products at a significant reduction should you want to provide them for your colleagues or attendees.
  • Taping the program is negotiable.
  • Provide products for sale at a reduced price for attendees of conferences.
  • Book signings for Beyond the Ice cream Cone: The Whole Scoop on Food at the 1904 World's Fair www:beyondtheicecreamcone.com

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Q: Do you have products you can provide for our attendees?

I can provide CDs, books and organizing files at a special price for attendees. Please note: under no circumstance do I sell my products while I am speaking in front of your group.

If your event is outside St. Louis, it will be necessary to make arrangements to ship products ahead of time. I choose the most economical and secure way to make sure the product arrives on time for you.

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Q: Are you able to provide attendance gifts?


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Q: Do you work with bureaus?

I have not worked with bureaus yet.

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Q: What else can you send me besides what I can see on your website?

I will gladly send additional copies of my demonstration DVD if you need one not attached to my website. I will also send you additional testimonials associated with your industry as well as articles that might not appear on my website.

Please call and discuss what extras you might like to have.

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Q: What would you need from us?


Once we have signed a letter of agreement, we begin the process of designing your program from our discussions and the information you supply on the pre-program questionnaire.

I will check in often to make sure all your concerns are addressed and to work out specific details that will enhance the smooth operation of your program and event.


I will have my program on a flashdrive and on my laptop as a backup. You will need to supply an LCD projector, screen, laptop (unless unavailable), and a wireless lavaliere microphone. Depending on the size of the audience and room and the type of venue, I will have a few other requests such as flip chart, seating arrangement and projector placement.

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