Code of Professional Standards

Those of us who speak professionally know that our marketing materials can create any perception we want potential clients to believe about our success and importance. However, once we start a partnership with you, we cannot hide behind an impressive website, glitzy brochures and dazzling demos. We must deliver on our promise and prove our authenticity.

Respect is my core value. It is lived out in the following ways:

Client relationship:

  • I guarantee I will do everything possible to meet your expectations and attempt to go beyond them by delivering exceptional service and a top-quality program.
  • I will listen more and talk less in order to establish if I am the right speaker for you.
  • I will always keep in mind your financial investment in our work together. I fly coach, do not charge for meals and keep my handouts to an appropriate minimum. I will use my own equipment if that serves to reduce your cost.
  • I will update you along the way so that you do not experience any undue stress or worry about my preparation or delivery. I will meet your due dates for materials and information.
  • I will always consider your ease, comfort and time in all our interactions from contract to follow-up.
  • I do not sell any of my products from the platform. Ever.
  • I will treat all those who work with you during an event--vendors, servers, hotel personnel and volunteers--with respect and kindness.
  • I will always arrive in plenty of time. I want to make myself available to the group long before the presentation begins.
  • Unless flight restrictions require that I leave right after my program, I will stay to give attention to participants' questions.
  • I will contact you after the program to make sure you are a satisfied client. Only then does my office invoice you.
  • I keep all information about your company confidential. Your privacy is guaranteed.

My Audience:

  • I provide a safe learning environment. I use no language, innuendo or jest that would be an inappropriate reference to anyone in or out of the program venue.
  • Without exception, my audience's well-being is foremost in my mind during the entire presentation. Their comfort, experience, learning and enjoyment trump all other efforts to present my material.

The Environment:

  • In my office, all consideration is taken to purchase recycled materials and to recycle all permissible items.
  • I reduce my handouts to a manageable size in order to conserve on cost and paper. I also provide a one page handout if you prefer.

Our Company and Colleagues:

  • I believe in being generous with sharing articles, my PowerPoint slides and consultation. I ask only that appropriate copyright etiquette be observed when using my materials.
  • I respect my colleagues' work and always credit them during a presentation for any intellectual property, original ideas, or signature material.

If you would like to know more about how Pam works, please see frequently asked questions or contact her to discuss your interest in her programs.


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