Nine Steps to a More Organized Deskspace: Real & Virtual

What happened to the paperless society you were promised in the early days of the technology revolution? We now generate more paper than ever before - and a lot of it is in your workspace! Pam Vaccaro's Nine Steps to a More Organized Deskspace demonstrate how to move paper quickly and efficiently to create a deskspace that says "ACTION."

This Designs on Time seminar is less about how your deskspace looks than how well it functions. You'll learn to reduce or eliminate unnecessary piles of paper, spend less time looking for things, and return to your office better able to manage projects with winning organizational tips that you can implement immediately to create an efficient deskspace, both real and virtual.

Let Pam's nationally recognized, nine-step system help you customize your particular workspace needs as you explore the selection, application and investment in the newest organizing technology aides.

Participants of Nine Steps to a More Organized Deskspace learn to:

  • Create a "command center" for better focus on high priorities
  • Design a simple six-step work-flow process for tasks and projects
  • Eliminate unnecessary stacks of paper
  • Apply the 80/20 rule for deciding how prioritize tasks and documents
  • Apply Pam's "miracle" organizing tool to guarantee papers only get attention at the appropriate time
  • Utilize 15 quick-tip organizing strategies that eliminate time wasted on filing, sorting and managing paper
  • Apply the same principles of the nine-step desk management system to their paper and electronic workspaces
And more...