Minding Your Mnemonics: Increase Business by Improving Your Memory!

"The sweetest sound to any man's ears is the sound of his own name," said Dale Carnegie in his classic How to Win Friends and Influence People. That wisdom has served many leaders, managers, administrative assistants, salespersons and customer service representatives in some of the most successful companies around the world.

But with so much information readily available today, some of us might be having a hard time even remembering our own name. In this program, participants learn Pam's practical techniques for remembering names, important numbers, items on their list of priorities, directions and other useful applications for any busy professional.

Unlike many memory-training programs, Pam emphasizes the importance of memory in today's marketplace, and provides useful techniques that can be applied immediately to the daily lives of participants.

This program shows how an increased level of memory and focus can create a competitive edge in the marketplace, reduce frustration from stress and increase the level of satisfaction in anyone's personal life.

Participants learn to:

  • Remember a person's name and significant background information during an introduction
  • Use simple focus techniques to increase memory
  • Focus their attention to reduce the frustration of losing information or items that should be easily accessible
  • Give the brain important daily exercise through simple memory techniques
  • Use memory to enhance marketing practices and build better personal and professional relationships