The Focused Leader: Practical Skills & Visionary Tactics

Are you and your colleagues drowning in a deep sea of tasks, projects, client expectations and relentless waves of email? Let Pam help you navigate through some of the toughest storms in productivity history.

Good leaders send a message that says they know where the team is going and how to get there in the most effective and efficient way - all the while, letting employees know that their time is valued and appreciated. In this program, Pam Vaccaro takes the basic tenets of good time and focus management to a new level with integration of strategies for successful leadership.

Participants of The Focused Leader learn to:

  • Set, change and adjust priorities "on the fly"
  • Determine a thought process for setting priorities without technology or paper
  • Create an HLE culture among their co-workers (HLE = Highest Level of Effectiveness)
  • Reduce distractions for their team by initiating three simple habits
  • Have a meeting everyone wants to attend using the "Five Fs" approach
  • Create an e-mail culture that reduces loss of productivity by 30%
  • Model exceptional focus management skills
  • Remember names, lists, priorities and agreements with greater ease and less stress
  • Incorporate more politeness in the workplace by their own example
  • Use courtesy as a marketing strategy in and outside the company