How to Simplify Your Life and Time: Paying Attention to What's Important

As a charter member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, in the early 1990's Pam Vaccaro and a small group of others began to profess the importance of introducing simplicity to our lives and living spaces.

Over the last decade, the simplicity movement has grown even stronger as we find ourselves over-stressed by hectic schedules that demand too many things in too little time. At its core, the simplicity movement maintains the belief that in order for you to focus on what is really important in your life, it is necessary to reduce the clutter in your space and time.

More balance, less stress and greater clarity in the vision of your life's purpose are among the core tenets of the simplicity movement. In this practical and motivational presentation, Pam will show participants how to introduce these, and other core values to their lives.

Hear Pam describe the seven ways she has found to simplify life and space without drastically cutting the items and activities that bring you a great deal of satisfaction.

Participants of How to Simplify Your Life and Time learn to:

  • Determine what six core values drive their interests and intentions for living a simpler life
  • Make their intentions for simplicity more deliberate and focused each day
  • Incorporate Pam's list of quick tips for simplifying their lives
  • Develop new strategies for reducing clutter in any room at home or in the office
  • Identify simple criteria for knowing when to keep things, and when to throw them away
  • Identify seven ways to say "no" to introducing more clutter to their lives
  • Savor the satisfaction of a simpler life