Minding Our Manners: Managing Time Together

Technology has set an unrealistic pace for getting work accomplished, meeting expectations of others, handling paper and leading balanced lives. Pam Vaccaro believes that there are seven "casualties" of this hurried pace and the technology revolution-one of them being a loss of courtesy and civility. In today's world, it seems that good people often simply "forget their manners" in social scenarios and the workplace.

Believing that time management is no longer a "solo event" (making a to do list and filling out a planner), Pam shows participants how to use good time management techniques as a way to show courtesy, work together more productively and enhance the level of satisfaction and enjoyment in the workplace.

In this program, Pam shows companies how to implement a system of "courtesy codes" that will promote awareness among staff on the importance of lending a helping hand to one another in this new age of life at high speed.

This presentation is highly visionary and alternative in its approach, but is designed for immediate application.

Participants of Minding Our Manners learn to:

  • Identify what influences loss of courtesy or civility in their workplace
  • Implement "best practices" from their colleagues
  • Implement "best practices" from successful companies applying courtesy in the workplace model
  • Define ten strategies for respecting each other's time via personal contact, voicemail, e-mail and effective meetings
  • Develop a set of measurable, performance-based "courtesy codes" for their company or department
  • Enjoy going to work by applying simple, but consistent, strategies for dealing with different work-styles within their immediate work group