Playing Better in the Sandbox: The Focused Team

Whether your sandbox was a large wooden box or an oversized plastic turtle, the experience of childhood play is a great analogy for a corporate environment.

Do the members of your staff play well in the confines of the "sandbox?" Does this dynamic affect productivity? Absolutely.

Companies that play together stay together. In this program, Pam shows you how to use play in the workplace to create a culture of encouragement and camaraderie where mutual respect for each other's time and an appreciation for each other's unique talents and contributions translate to a better bottom line.

Participants of Playing Better in the Sandbox learn to:

  • Identify and utilize the distinctive assets and talents of their colleagues
  • Identify unique talents that compliment their work styles
  • Define what "success" means to them
  • Identify the unique communication styles of their colleagues to reduce misunderstandings