Managing Your Time with Style: Nine Ways of Focusing on Productivity

A "one-size-fits-all" approach to time management is outdated and ineffective. One of Pam Vaccaro's most well-received time management programs, this presentation emphasizes the influence of PBTM-personality-based time management styles. Since 1995, she has researched the effects of personality on managing focus of attention and use of time. The highly insightful and practical program resulting from this research inspires many an "aha!" moment for individuals and teams struggling to understand why even the best of time management intentions often end up sabotaged by old habits.

Pam uses the Enneagram personality theory to demonstrate how you and your colleagues' view of time impacts both the effective and ineffective habits that relate to managing time, keeping organized and working together more productively. She explains how each personality type experiences FDD - Focus Deficit Disorder - a term she coined in 2005.

Learn how to maximize your particular assets to better manage your time and avoid "getting in your own way." See how you can work better with others whose styles are different than your own. This program makes a big difference in creating a teamwork culture.

Participants of Managing Your Time in Style learn to:

  • Identify their personality-based time management style
  • Identify the assets and liabilities of their PBTMS
  • Apply strategies that enhance the positive and productive aspects of their PBTMS
  • Develop more productive strategies for working with different PBTMS styles
  • Increase productivity and camaraderie