Putting off Procrastination for Good

Each of us can probably cite at least one time in our lives when procrastination led to a lost opportunity to increase business, productivity, health or wealth. Finding convincing excuses to put off difficult or unpleasant tasks is natural, but the consequences for your businesses growth or your personal accomplishments are many and far-reaching.

Stop procrastination now in your business and personal life! Understanding Pam's seven causes of procrastination is the key to applying her 21 cures to "kick the habit" and propel your business and personal goals forward. It is within your grasp.

Participants of Putting off Procrastination for Good learn to:

  • Identify the seven causes of procrastination
  • Identify those that have the most effect them and their team
  • Apply Pam's three solutions for each cause
  • Deal with the unpleasant and increase willingness to take on less desirable tasks
  • Discover how to determine whether a task is worth completing
  • Apply seven ways to say "no" and avoid procrastination before it begins