It Was Never About Time Management Anyway: Managing Your Focus, Not Your Time

Having interviewed hundreds of individuals over the last 10 years as she customized her programs, Pam began to notice a disturbing refrain-"I was so incredibly busy today, and I got nothing done!" Interviewees reported that it was impossible to get things done, and expressed universal frustration for the demand that things like email, pagers, human expectations - even their own need for sleep - were putting on their time. Pam has since termed this dilemma "FDD," or "Focus Deficit Disorder"-the deficiency we feel from having too many demands on our attention.

In this program, Pam shows participants how to shift their focus from time management to managing attention. She presents both big picture solutions, and practical applications to accomplish this new direction.

This presentation takes a creative look at attention from a different angle. An important component of this program for companies and service institutions is Pam's solution for dealing with the growing need for human attention in our technological revolution. Attention is quickly becoming a leading step for marketers and strategic planners as it relates to both internal and external customers.

Participants of It Was Never About Time Management Anyway learn to:

  • Rethink and redefine time management
  • Apply the 80/20 rule to determine where their attention should be focused
  • Remove unwanted distractions that challenge their ability to stay clearly focused
  • Apply seven key techniques for controlling procrastination
  • Engage simple goal-setting techniques to encourage clearer focus and fewer distractions
  • Implement over twenty of Pam's quick tips and effective strategies for keeping focused
  • Apply six simple techniques for giving customers more attention without spending a lot of time and money