Managing Your "Time" & Attention@the Speed of Thought

After observing company after company and individual after individual continually waste massive amounts of money on the purchase of unused planners, Pam decided to address the issue based on her firm belief that you need to "be a planner first, and then buy a planner if you need one." Pam strongly believes that time management in today's world is a thinking process - not another sophisticated tool. Tools come and go, but a solid thinking strategy for approaching time management will survive the evolutions of technology.

If you are having trouble focusing on tasks due to too many distractions, Pam will explain your dilemma with her insights and "cures" for what she calls FDD-focus deficit disorder.

This has become Pam's flagship program for producing a change in thinking and behavior toward the management of "time." In it, she introduces the revised 80/20 principle as "survival" thinking for the revolution in time management. Hear Pam challenge eight traditional truths about managing time such as, "handle a piece of paper only once," "just say no" and "close your door an hour a day."

Learn to manage your "time" @ the speed of thought while juggling the many demands of your professional and personal goals. This highly practical program is Pam's most popular.

Participants of Managing Your "Time" & Attention@the Speed of Thought learn to:

  • Redefine time management
  • Manage focus of attention, not time
  • Apply the 80/20 rule for focusing on the highest priorities
  • Organize workspaces with five simple strategies
  • Determine whether a paper or electronic planner is the best fit
  • Redefine an interruption
  • Use chronobiological system for getting more done each day
  • Say "no" in seven different ways and still feel like a decent person!
  • Manage distractions with quick tips on handling colleagues, voicemail, paper and e-mail

And much more...