About Designs on Time

Why build a brand around a confusing name? Maybe you thought "Designs on Time'" was in the business of delivering artwork, graphics or fabrics you could select and receive quickly?

Marketing gurus suggest we change our name. However, we're holding our ground on this one. The name Designs on Time is based on a solid premise: If you don't design your time, something or someone else will.

Designing your time should be a deliberate exercise on your part to create and enhance your personal and professional path to productivity and effectiveness. Pam's programs show you the how of designing your time and managing your focus and attention, and then give you the means to stay on course.

Nineteen years after creating her brand name, Pam proposes there's an even greater need to design your time. After all, there's more to do. Technology has seen to that. At Designs on Time, there is a continuous commitment to research for best practices- not new gadgets.

Marketing experts have often posed the age-old question to Designs on Time. What is your target market? We say that it is anyone who wants to end their day saying, "I didn't get everything done on my to-do list, but I still feel like I got a lot accomplished."

Pam Vaccaro's tailoring process is not just "lip service." Her Code of Professional Standards and her guarantee of a quality experience for every client requires her to deliver on her promise to make her program "all about your group."`

If you would like to know more about Pam and how she can work with you, visit her frequently asked questions page or contact her to discuss your interest.

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