How to Have the Time of Your Life and Get Your Work Done Too!

What does that phrase conjure up in your imagination? You might have forgotten how to have the time of your life because you are struggling to create more time in your life. For many, this is an exercise in futility.

We spend more waking hours getting ready for work, working, and coming back from work than we do at home. This popular presentation confronts what Pam calls, "The great myth of work-life balance."

This program teaches both individuals and those who work in teams a few realistic ways to make play, leisure, and other personal activities a clear priority without making work an adversary in the process. Work and life are not antonyms. Let Pam show you how to integrate the two for a more realistic experience in life.

Participants of How to Have the Time of Your Life and Get Your Work Done Too learn to:

  • Identify and incorporate the six guidelines for "having the time of their lives"
  • Identify their unique view of what it means to be "having the time of their lives"
  • Develop over twenty ways to make "having the time of their lives" a daily practice on and off the clock
  • Develop key attitudes and habits that encourage "having the time of their lives" while checking off their to do lists
  • Use a set of efficiency skills that Pam has developed to reduce the amount of time spent on the necessary, but mundane tasks in their lives